Jon D'Amico's Award Winning Rock 'n Roll Walking Tour of Sunset Strip! Best Rock 'n Roll Tour! Best walking tour in Los Angeles! Jogging Tours, Walking Tours, Rock and Walk, Beverly Hills Movie Star Homes!!!
Rock 'n Walk Sunset Strip
Walking tour of Sunset Strip & history of Rock 'n Roll

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Sunset Strip Walking Tour

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Beverly Hills Jogging Tour
Jogging tour of celebrity homes & history of Beverly Hills

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Beverly Hills Jogging Tour

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Jon D'Amico's Rock 'n Walk Tours ...
The Sunset Strip Rock 'n Roll walking tour is a fun and memorable way to explore the history of this legendary rock 'n roll playground.
The Beverly Hills Stars' Homes jogging tour takes you on a leisurely jog around lush landscapes, tree-lined streets, and lavish estates.
Included in the tours are some fascinating tidbits shared with me by celebrity sources and local historians. And you'll get the inside scoop from my personal experiences living and working on the Sunset Strip for over 25 years.
My mission is to keep the vibrant history of Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills alive and to share it with you!

Trip Advisor
"This tour has it all.
-History about Rock 'n Roll? Check!
-Fun facts? Check!
-Iconic restaurants & hotels? Check!
-Good guide? Check!
As a travel agent, I do a lot of tours each year.
This is one of the best!" _Ruben G.

"Jon knows all about the area's notorious past and can tell you where the bodies are buried!" _Deborah G.

"I thoroughly recommend this walking tour to anyone visiting LA. It's a brilliant way to get out of the car and see loads of historic locations and hidden gems on foot." _Lawrence P.

"This was the absolute best tour in the area! We have been to LA four times and I wish I had found this sooner." _Kathy F.

"Even if you're a SoCal native you learn things you can't read about in a book or magazine and have one heck of a great time doing it!" _Elvi C.

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Jonny with Elizabeth Espinosa, Channel 5 News

Sunset Strip Walking Tour

Sunset Strip Walking Tour

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